Wat betekent jouw geboortebloem?

What does your birth flower mean?

Bee Uniekje Can have your jewelry engraved with birth flowers. But what does your birth flower mean? Every month 2 has birth flowers, except February, it has 3. And every birth flower has its own m...
Hoe kan ik een handschrift sieraad laten graveren?
Gegraveerde ketting

How can I have an handwriting piece engraved?

Bee Uniekje Is it possible to engrave a piece of jewelry with a handwritten text, how unique is that!?Read below inspiration what you can have engraved and the instructions.What can you all engrave...
Hoe maak je een vingerafdruk?

How to make a fingerprint?

It is easier to make a fingerprint than you think! You would think that, for example, you need an ink pad, but that is not the case at all! You can simply make a fingerprint with 3 supplies that al...
Wat is graveren?

What is engraving?

Uniekje does engrave all jewelry with a laser engraving machine. You have laser engraving machines that are suitable for all kinds of surfaces for wood or glass, for example. I have a machine speci...