Hoe kan ik een handschrift sieraad laten graveren?

How can I have an handwriting piece engraved?

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At Uniekje you can have a piece of jewelry engraved with a handwritten text, how unique is that!?
Read Inspiration below what you can engrave:

For example, what can you engrave engraved:

• A signature of a loved one
• A fragment from a letter that is important to you
• A handwritten message from your child (ren)
• A special message for your loved one

To be able to engrave your piece of text on a piece of jewelry, you need a digital file. For example, use your phone to take a photo.
Make sure you photograph the text as close as possible and sharp so that you get the best detailed result.

Important points:
• It is important that the text is as dark as possible.
• Texts written on lines unfortunately cannot be engraved.
• You get the most beautiful photo by photographing in daylight without flash.

> Do you want to engravere a small fragment from a letter?

Then leave a note at your order with which part you want to have engraved on the jewelry! This can be a word or a short sentence, for example.

Do you doubt about your image? Then contact Uniekje and!
Don't forget to add your image so that I can judge whether it is suitable.

When I think the image is not suitable, I always contact you!

Uniekje makes your photo suitable for engraving the piece of text.
Below you can see an example of a handwriting necklace: