Wat betekent jouw geboortebloem?

What does your birth flower mean?

How can I have an handwriting piece engraved? Reading What does your birth flower mean? 4 minutes

Bee Uniekje Can have your jewelry engraved with birth flowers. But what does your birth flower mean? Every month 2 has birth flowers, except February, it has 3. And every birth flower has its own meaning.

January: the carnation and the snowdrop
The birth flowers of January are the carnation and the snowdrop.

The meaning of the carnation is love and loyalty.

Snowdrops symbolize purity, hope and new life.

February: the Iris, Primula and the violin
February is the only month that has no fewer than 3 birth flowers.
The iris stands for eloquence, faith, wisdom and hope.

The Primula, also known as the primrose, stands for a new beginning, growth and hope.

The violin symbolizes happiness, trust and spiritual wisdom.

March: the yellow daffodil and the cherry blossom
If two flowers announce that it is almost spring, then it is the yellow daffodil and the cherry blossom.
The yellow daffodil is a symbol of new life, happiness and love

The Cherry Blossom, also called the Sakura Flowers Symbolizing happiness, love, spring and above all a new beginning. In Japan the blossom has a special meaning because the blossom blooms so briefly, cherry blossom trees also represent human death. They remind us how short and precious life is.

April: Lathyrus and the daisy
The Lathyrus or also called showpiece or Siererwt, symbolizes: sensitivity, gentleness and friendship.

The daisy symbolizes innocence, cleanliness (virginity) and loyalty.

May: the hawthorn and the lilietje-van-valley
The hawthorn is the symbol for spring, flowering, fertility, virginity and sexuality.

The lily of valleys with small white scented flowers stands for happiness, purity, love and sincerity.

June: De Roos and De Kamperfoelie
Roses are the most sold flowers and have many meanings and numerous colors.

De Roos is mainly for love, gratitude and happiness.
The honeysuckle stands for reliability, dedication and connectedness

July: Ridderspoor and De Waterlelie
The Ridderspoor, also called theDelphinium symbolizes truth and protection. However, this flower has countless other very positive meanings. The flower also stands for health, pleasure, great heart, attachment in love.

The Water Lily Is a symbol of purity, unity and finding peace and balance.

August: the gladiolus and the poppy
The poppy or also called Papaver A symbol of commemoration And comfort.

Special fact about the Klaproos: Did you know that the Klaproos is a rain priority? As soon as rain arrives, the rose closes, hence the name Klaproos.

The gladiolus symbolizes strength, victory and pride.The name Gladiolus is derived from the Latin word "Gladius", which means sword.

September: The Dagbloem and De Aster
The daily flower, also known as the climbing bindweed with its large chalice, symbolizes affection.

Asters are graceful Small flowers that occur in many colors but especially in pink, white, red or lilac. The aster stands for love, wisdom, trust and innocence.

October: the marigold and the Cosmea
The Orange GOld flowers of the marigold symbolize cheerfulness, optimism and joy of life.

The Cosmea stands for harmony and tranquility.
The name of this flower comes from the Greek word "Cosmos", which means "harmony" and "world".

November: The peony and the Chrystant
The peony is a symbol for love, romance and happiness.

With us the chrysanthemum is a symbol of happiness and health. However, there are different meanings around the world.

December: Hulst and the Narcis
In fact, De Hulst is not really a flower, but he still belongs in this list. De Hulst symbolizes happiness, peace and cheerfulness.

Just like March, the daffodil is also the birth flower of December.
The daffodil is a symbol of new life, happiness and love