Wat is graveren?

What is engraving?

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Uniekje does engrave all jewelry with a laser engraving machine. You have laser engraving machines that are suitable for all kinds of surfaces for wood or glass, for example. I have a machine specially made to engrave only metal because I only work with Stainless Steel.

A laser engraving machine is a machine that is computer driven and works extremely accurately!
With this machine the smallest details can be engraved, such as a fingerprint.
The desired print is imported into a special program on the computer. Images such as fingerprints or handprints must first be made suitable to engrave. Then I place the object to engrave in the laser engraving machine. The engraving machine projects the engraving on the object as set in the program. That way I can see exactly how the final engraving will be! Super handy and so I can see if the engraving will be perfect! You can choose different fonts at Uniekje in most products and that ensures that I have to use different settings at every piece of jewelry to make your ornament perfect. Then the machine does the work and the image, letter or name will be engraved in your jewelry.

The laser beam uses extreme heat to engrave the image on the surface. This is possible with a white engraving or, for example, an almost black engraving. Other colors are not possible. The engraving will be kind of burned in your jewelry. With normal engraving at a jeweler, for example, an engraving in the jewelry is scratched. The engraving is durable and has the same life if your jewelry! After engraving, I always clean the jewelry nice so that they are beautifully shiny again before they are sent to you!

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