10 ideeën wat je kan laten graveren

10 ideas what you can have engraved

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Engravering is a wonderful way to add a special meaning to jewelry. Whether it is a chain, bracelet or ankle band, an engraved jewelry will be a lasting memory. Here are 10 ideas what you can have engraved on jewelry:

Birth flowers
Let the birth flowers engrave of important people in your life. Choose from a beautiful necklace with a birth flower bouquet that we put together for you ourselves. Or choose a bracelet with 1 birth flower.
Look at here our birth flower jewelry

Engraving initials is always a good choice. It can be your own initials, but also those of your loved ones like your (grand) children. For example, have a bracelet engraved with a maximum of 4 initials so that you can always carry your loved ones with you. Look at here Our jewelry with initials.

You can also have names engraved on a chain or bracelet. 
The options are endless, from engraving your own name to those of a loved one, a partner, children, parents or even pets.
Look at here Our jewelry with names

Handwritten text
Have a note, a piece from a letter or a special text engraving that means a lot for you. It can be a great way to always wear your loved one with you. A nice tip is to have several loved ones write a word or heart and let it be combined and to have it engraved on a chain or a bracelet. Look at here Our jewelry with handwritten text.

A fingerprint Arriving can add a very personal and unique touch to a piece of jewelry. That way you can always wear your loved ones with you like your children or a deceased loved one. 

Let the coordinates engrave a special place, such as the location where you grew up, your favorite holiday destination or the place where you met your loved one.

Important data
Think of dates that are of significance to you, such as a wedding date, the birth of your child (ren), an anniversary or another important event.

A quote
Choose a quote or a sentence that is important for you. It can be a source of inspiration or a reminder of something that gives you strength.

Leg, hand or footprint
Think of the leg print of your beloved pet or the first hand and footprints of your child. That way you always wear a lasting memory with you.
Look at here Our jewelry with prints.

In addition to a piece of handwritten text, we can also engrave a drawing. For example, this can be a drawing of your child who wants you to be immortalized in a piece of jewelry. It is important that the lines are dark in color. Look at here Our jewelry with handwritten text.

The possibilities are endless what you can engrave. Do you have an idea what you have engraved but you can't find this? Then contact us, we are happy to think along with you!

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