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Engraved jewelry

Uniekje has a large collection of personalized jewelry, such as bracelets with initials, initial necklaces and necklaces with a name or date.
You will also find fingerprint necklaces, handwritten text jewelry and more!



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Compound birth flower necklace Compound birth flower necklace
Compound birth flower necklace
Sale priceFrom €32,95
Birth flower bracelet mint
Sale priceFrom €27,95
Pootprint necklace
Sale priceFrom €39,95
Fingerprint Heart necklace 2 fingerprints
Sale priceFrom €49,95
Initials Beading Bracelet Men Labradorite
Sale price€30,95
Name Ketting 3D rod men
Sale priceFrom €28,95
Handwritten Text Bracelet
Sale priceFrom €39,95
1 geboortebloem met decoratieve takjes
Oval birth flower bouquet necklace Oval birth flower bouquet necklace
Oval birth flower bouquet necklace
Sale priceFrom €28,95
Initials Beading Bracelet Men Tigerogue
Sale price€30,95
Birth flour chain 2 flowers
Sale priceFrom €28,95
Handwritten text chain mint
Sale priceFrom €39,95
Pootprint Bracelet
Sale priceFrom €39,95
Birth flower chain with birthstone
Sale priceFrom €32,95
Initials Beading Bracelet Lavasten Black
Sale price€30,95
Initials necklace heart
Sale priceFrom €26,95
Birth flour chain 1 flower
Sale priceFrom €28,95
Heart Necklace | 3 initials
Sale price€36,95
Birthstone bracelet - 2 birthstones
Sale price€37,95
Birthstone bracelet - 3 birthstones
Sale price€43,95
Mint bracelet 2 birth flowers
Sale priceFrom €27,95
Fingerprint necklace heart bead
Sale priceFrom €43,95
Heart Necklace | 2 initials
Sale price€31,95
Fingerprint chain coin heart
Sale priceFrom €44,95

A personal touch

The beauty of our engraved jewelry from Stainless Steel is that you can adjust them with a meaningful message. Whether it concerns initials, names, dates or a text, the possibilities are endless. This makes our jewelry the perfect gift for a loved one or a friend, to celebrate special moments or just to express your personal style. For example, you can choose from a jewel with birth flowers, a chain with a legprint of your pet or a personalized piece of jewelry with a piece of handwritten text from a loved one.

We love Stainless Steel
We cannot talk about Stainless Steel. Quality and sustainability is extremely important to us. We want to make a piece of jewelry for you that for a long time stays beautiful that you can enjoy for years. And what is a nice advantage is that Stainless Steel is hypoallergenic and not discolored. Which is so nice that if you have sensitive skin, you can normally wear our jewelry! As far as we are concerned, there is no better material than Stainless Steel is because it is affordable, qualitative and durable.

Order your personal jewelry today
Don't wait any longer to enrich your personal style with our beautiful engraved jewelry from Stainless Steel. You will enjoy our quality and sustainable jewelry for a long time. In addition, with our unique options you can personalize your jewelry as desired so that your jewelry is perfect.

The perfect gift
Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, our engraved jewelry from Stainless Steel are the perfect gift. Show your appreciation, love and connectedness by giving a piece of jewelry that will be cherished forever.