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Handwriting & drawing jewelry

It is possible to engrave jewelry with a handwritten text, a drawing or a signature at Uniekje. For example, select a small piece of text from a letter from a loved one and Uniekje will engrave it on yourjewelry!



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Coin necklace drawing
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Handwritten text chain mint
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Handwritten Text Bracelet
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Handwritten text chain rectangle
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Key ring mint handwritten text
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Personal and unique

Have a piece of handwritten text engraved
Bee Uniekje You can have a piece of handwritten text engraved on a bracelet, necklace or key ring. For example, if you have received a letter, you can have a small part engraved on one of our Stainless Steel jewelry. You can also have a signature, a handwritten message from your child (ren) or a special message from your loved one engraved. This allows us to really make a unique piece of jewelry for you. So if you are looking for a unique personal piece of jewelry, a handwriting jewelry is a wonderful option.

Have a drawing or logo engraved
We like unique and personal jewelry. Have a small drawing made by your child and let it engrave on a chain or bracelet. What a very nice idea is that you let your (grand) children draw a small heart and have it engraved. There is no better gift! In addition to a drawing, we can also engrave a logo or another image. It is important that clear dark lines must be visible so that we can get the image out of the photo and then engrave for you. Do you doubt whether your drawing or logo is suitable? Then contact us and we will gladly advise you!

Engraved for you
Ordering your personalized piece of jewelry is easy. Choose the desired design, upload the handwritten text or drawing that you want to engrave. If you want, add a engraving to the back such as a name, a special date, or a personal message to make your jewelry even more special. We then get to work for you to get the drawing or the piece of handwritten text from your photo and then engage it with care.

We are happy to make a personal piece of jewelry for you so that you can always wear a precious memory of a deceased loved one. Whether you are looking for a chain or bracelet, there are many options for engraving your jewelry as desired. Is there nothing for you now and are you looking for something specific? Then contact us with your ideas. We are happy to think along with you!