You will find at Uniekje only jewelry made of stainless steel.
Stainless steel jewelry is known to not discolor. It is a beautiful and durable material that lasts a very long time!

Treat your jewelry with love and follow these tips:

  • Do not wear jewelry while cleaning, exercising, sleeping, or swimming. You can shower with your jewelry but be careful with your towel because your jewelry can get caught behind your towel and could break as a result.
  • Avoid contact with body lotion and perfume. Of course you can use body lotion and perfume but do not spray your favorite perfume directly on your jewelry but on your skin.
  • Store your jewelry in a dry place. 
  • If you do not wear your jewelry, it is wise to keep it closed with the clasp to minimize the chance that your jewelry will be tangled.

Note: Although you can shower with stainless steel jewelry, Uniekje advises to take off your pieces when you go swimming! Often there is chlorine in a swimming pool and unfortunately chlorine can affect your jewelry so that it can still discolor/rust. So don't! Your jewelry will thank you :)

Lots of fun!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via or you find Uniekje on instagram @Uniekje_jewelry

"" Sometimes things happen with a reason "

The face behind Uniekje

I am Marjolein, I am the founder of Uniekje!
I live with my husband Stefan and my son Luca in Enschede. In our house I have my own space where I make and ship all jewelry. As a little girl I already loved making jewelry. In 2012 I got sick and I received the diagnosis fibromyalgia (pain in muscles).
Just because I got fibromyalgia, I started my hobby for making jewelry again. In 2018 I started my business Uniekje. I still run Uniekje on my own, but I regularly get help from my husband, friends and family.

Handmade with love

Engraved jewelry

Since the beginning of Uniekje I already made personalized jewelry. I did this with special stamps for stainless steel. Each letter has been stamped in every piece of jewelry. I love to make meaningful jewelry and I wanted to specialize in personalized jewelry even more. That is why I purchased a laser engraving machine in 2021 so that you get more options to personalize your unique jewelry! You can find jewelry with names and initials and, for example, you can engrave a fingerprint and a piece of handwritten text

My love for

Stainless Steel

I worked with all possible materials such as sterling silver, precious stones and cheaper materials. Eventually I decided to only work with Stainless Steel. That means that all jewelry is from high quality and that you'll enjoy it for a very long time.
Stainless Steel is durable, hypoallergenic and won't discolor.

Do you have sensitive ears?
Then you can wear all the earrings of Uniekje safe!

Personal service

Service is no. 1! I think it's important that you are happy with your experience with Uniekje.
Are you looking for a customized piece of jewelry?
Then contact us.
Love, Marjolein