The face behind Uniekje

"Sometimes Things Happen for a Reason"

Hi! I am Marjolein, the founder of Uniekje.
I live with my husband Stefan and my son Luca in Enschede. As a little girl I loved making jewelry, but over time I lost sight of this hobby. In 2012 I became ill and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (muscle pain). Precisely because I developed fibromyalgia, I took up my jewelry making hobby again and started my business in 2018 Uniekje started! If I had never developed fibromyalgia, I would 99% certainly not have followed my heart and would never have ended up on this path, which I am extremely grateful for! What a rollercoaster, we moved twice in 9 months. The four of us now work together to make a lot of people happy with our unique jewelry!

Handmade with love

Engraved jewelry

Since the beginning of Uniekje I already make personalized jewelry. I did this with special stamps for stainless steel. I stamped each letter by hand in each piece of jewelry. I find it special to make meaningful jewelry and wanted to specialize in this. That is why I purchased a laser engraving machine in 2021 so that you have more options to have your unique piece of jewelry made! In addition to name and initial jewelry, you can also have jewelry engraved with a fingerprint or a piece of handwritten text.

My love for

Stainless Steel (stainless steel)

I have worked with all possible materials such as sterling silver, gemstones and cheaper materials. Ultimately I decided to only work with stainless steel. This means that all jewelry is of high quality and will last a very long time. Stainless steel is durable, hypoallergenic and does not discolour.

Do you have sensitive ears?
Then you can get all the earrings from Uniekje wear safely!

Personal service

I think it is super important that you are happy with your experience with Uniekje! Looking for something special? Please contact us.
Love, Marjolein